Declan Software

Declan Software is a developer of education software. The current developer portfolio contains 22 programs. The most popular software is ReadWrite Arabic with 17 installations on Windows PC.

Best software by Declan Software

ReadWrite Arabic
Very useful program for learning classic Arabic.
Korean HakGyo
Is designed to help students learn basic Korean grammar.
ReadWrite Kanji
ReadWrite Kanji teaches the complete 1945 Jouyou Kanji characters.

Popular programs by Declan Software

ReadWrite Korean
Learn to read and write this language.
Declan's Korean Dictionary
The inbuilt Korean keyboard can be used to aid the entry of hangul.
Declan's Japanese Dictionary
Declan's Japanese Dictionary is a shareware Japanese-English dictionary.
ReadWrite Hiragana
With ReadWrite Hiragana you can learn the Japanese Hiragana script.
ReadWrite Katakana
Program that teaches us how to read and write Katakana.

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